Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Name of Alexandra Aleksandra Sasha Sashen'ka.

Alexandra Aleksandra Sasha Sashen'ka.

Significance and beginning.

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Aleksandra is a womanly variation of the Greek name Alexander. It implies: folks's defender, brave, daring shield, credible. It's a nice and also smooth name. Mighty and powerful sound-shape of the name develops the image of a commendable and also independent girl. She is all self-respect as well as value, administrative authority and also adherence to principles that are the outcome of her internal capacity.

Call and also character.

Customarily, her character resembles that of a man. She is an unclear and contradictory individual. Alexandra acts she doesn't care of anything in this world for the whole life. She aspires to be very feminine, classy and also mysterious as if attempting to avoid her mannish name, as well as she prospers in it. One could hardly find a name more charming then this! Alexandra is not a soldier; she is certified as well as attempts to face any sort of problem with a smile. She's obtained a great deal of close friends or rather acquaintances of hers. Still she maintains her spirit beyond the reach also of the local folks.

Psychological characteristics/Spirits.

She really wants for communication. She has effective yet instead elegant imagination. She suches as controling everybody starting with her parents. She might appear to be a reserved person, nevertheless she's very candid as well as anticipates the others to be genuine also. She will not forgive you the least deceit and also lies. You will loose her confidence simultaneously. Sex is not something gotten in touch with emotions for her.


Unstable. She is obsessed with the preferable point and after that come what may.

Marriage/Family life.

Alexandra makes a lot more close friends with children since childhood, and locates herself more comforted with a male company when an adult. She weds rather late and becomes not just a good homemaker, yet also a true close friend of her spouse. She has the ability to do a great deal of things for her family members: to enhance a space with merely some small tips, to cook a tasty dish, to make some exciting gown just out of absolutely nothing.


She suches as traveling as well as spending time out of town. She delights in seeing football or hockey together with her hubby. Being very healthy sort embracing sporting activities and does her best in it. She enjoys reading. Often she does not take significantly passion in running the apartment.

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