Thursday, May 14, 2015

Antonina Tonya Tonechka

Definition and beginning.

russian Girls
The name Antonina (Russ., Ukr. colloq. Antonida) is a womanly form of the Roman emperors names Antonin, Antonius or the name Anton (Anthony) derived from the Roman family name Antonius. It might be translated from Latin as huge, ownership, comparison, opponent and also as "the one getting something as an alternative" from Old Greek.

Name and also personality.

Antonina appears to be a born homemaker. It's impossible to discover an additional female more capable of housework and cooking. She is provident as well as anxious to make the household prosperous and delighted. You'll discover no indications of an enchanting person with her! No foolish insight! She is practical, responsive as well as kindhearted. She will stand everything to keep the family members. She is also scrupulous, prompt and also detailed at the office. She is the most accurate as well as wise person. It is the kind of a woman which has the ability to listen and hear.

Psychological characteristics/Spirits.

She is attempting to leave the fact in endless dreams as well as illusions. She is driven to psychic depressions. It is self-contemplation that just injures her fragile soul.


The concept of morals is just absolutely nothing to her. She merely does not care of any ethical duty it might be.

Marriage/Family life.

Antonina becomes a suitable housewife when acquired married. She is responsive and also she's acquired a lot of good friends.


She prefers preparing some delicious supper, cleaning all her three-bedroom homes in midtown, doing purchasing. Unexpectedly she might begin liking something and also entail the others.

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