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Antonina Tonya Tonechka

Definition and beginning.

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The name Antonina (Russ., Ukr. colloq. Antonida) is a womanly form of the Roman emperors names Antonin, Antonius or the name Anton (Anthony) derived from the Roman family name Antonius. It might be translated from Latin as huge, ownership, comparison, opponent and also as "the one getting something as an alternative" from Old Greek.

Name and also personality.

Antonina appears to be a born homemaker. It's impossible to discover an additional female more capable of housework and cooking. She is provident as well as anxious to make the household prosperous and delighted. You'll discover no indications of an enchanting person with her! No foolish insight! She is practical, responsive as well as kindhearted. She will stand everything to keep the family members. She is also scrupulous, prompt and also detailed at the office. She is the most accurate as well as wise person. It is the kind of a woman which has the ability to listen and hear.

Psychological characteristics/Spirits.

She is attempting to leave the fact in endless dreams as well as illusions. She is driven to psychic depressions. It is self-contemplation that just injures her fragile soul.


The concept of morals is just absolutely nothing to her. She merely does not care of any ethical duty it might be.

Marriage/Family life.

Antonina becomes a suitable housewife when acquired married. She is responsive and also she's acquired a lot of good friends.


She prefers preparing some delicious supper, cleaning all her three-bedroom homes in midtown, doing purchasing. Unexpectedly she might begin liking something and also entail the others.

Name of Alyona Elena Yelena Lena Lenochka Lenulya Lenchik Helen Helena

Alyona Elena Yelena Lena Lenochka Lenulya Lenchik Helen Helena

Definition and beginning.

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The name Elena (folk Alyona) is of the Old Greek beginning. It is supposed to be derived from the word "helenos" which means light. The initial type is Selena, the Old Greek word denoting the moon. The significance of a name is: bright, light, torch, chosen, shining. Its old form-- Selena- develops the lyrical photo of the ideal feminineness, splendid and flexible, mystical and also weak, sensual but not actually deep. Selena is beaming vibrantly with all her infinite charm. Her emotional characteristics are simply best.

Name as well as character.

Elena is rather a taken out individual, constantly on her own. Her ideas are somewhere deep inside of her, which's the only place she can be delighted. Nonetheless, it doesn't stop her being very cautious and mindful. She's a pleasant dreamer and an invincible optimist. Elena is quick, intelligent, wise, kind-hearted yet not too long. The English call Helen "Lady Sincerity". She is quite credulous. However the individual that has ever violated her credulity will be her pal no longer. The incredible slackness is her worst adversary. She is battling with it for the entire life. Yelena is a very amorous individual, nevertheless when located the one and only precious, she'll do everything for him unsparingly. Yelena is a fairy, joyful woman, a perfect being, as well as the "satisfaction of the kingdom". Nevertheless her benefits is rather passive. She's acquired an effective memory. She takes much after her father in character. Lena's acquired her very own sights on life. She will rarely strive for the difficult. She often opts for the stream, as well as it is her all the best along with the ability of moving on with the people that help her avoid problems and problems.

She is an introvert person. She feels herself comforted within her imagination just, and this is where she imagines jewels, royal residences as well as elegant functions. She resides in the globe of impressions and also it makes her hypocrisy the others. Helen is instead concentrated on her internal world than trying to obtain on with everyday problems, so she very satisfied with the only necessary tips.


There is not surprising that Elena typically fulfills her very own conscience halfway. She strives for perfection, so she rather intolerant of others' blunders and does her best not to duplicate them.

Marriage/Family life.

Elena will certainly rather wed a man she really feels pity for than the one that is incredibly abundant. She provides herself in sacrifice and also anticipates the exact same from her companion. She is irritated with anything that takes her other half away from her either work or buddies, or anything else. Domesticity never absorbs Helen completely. Pampers and also crockery do not take starting point. Nevertheless, Yelena is a stay-at-home lady, cautious mommy. She makes everyone really feel tranquil and also peaceful.


Elena is effortlessly carried away. She excels at knitting, sewing, stitching. Lovely things such as living in two-bedroom house town hall really attract her.

The Name of Alexandra Aleksandra Sasha Sashen'ka.

Alexandra Aleksandra Sasha Sashen'ka.

Significance and beginning.

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Aleksandra is a womanly variation of the Greek name Alexander. It implies: folks's defender, brave, daring shield, credible. It's a nice and also smooth name. Mighty and powerful sound-shape of the name develops the image of a commendable and also independent girl. She is all self-respect as well as value, administrative authority and also adherence to principles that are the outcome of her internal capacity.

Call and also character.

Customarily, her character resembles that of a man. She is an unclear and contradictory individual. Alexandra acts she doesn't care of anything in this world for the whole life. She aspires to be very feminine, classy and also mysterious as if attempting to avoid her mannish name, as well as she prospers in it. One could hardly find a name more charming then this! Alexandra is not a soldier; she is certified as well as attempts to face any sort of problem with a smile. She's obtained a great deal of close friends or rather acquaintances of hers. Still she maintains her spirit beyond the reach also of the local folks.

Psychological characteristics/Spirits.

She really wants for communication. She has effective yet instead elegant imagination. She suches as controling everybody starting with her parents. She might appear to be a reserved person, nevertheless she's very candid as well as anticipates the others to be genuine also. She will not forgive you the least deceit and also lies. You will loose her confidence simultaneously. Sex is not something gotten in touch with emotions for her.


Unstable. She is obsessed with the preferable point and after that come what may.

Marriage/Family life.

Alexandra makes a lot more close friends with children since childhood, and locates herself more comforted with a male company when an adult. She weds rather late and becomes not just a good homemaker, yet also a true close friend of her spouse. She has the ability to do a great deal of things for her family members: to enhance a space with merely some small tips, to cook a tasty dish, to make some exciting gown just out of absolutely nothing.


She suches as traveling as well as spending time out of town. She delights in seeing football or hockey together with her hubby. Being very healthy sort embracing sporting activities and does her best in it. She enjoys reading. Often she does not take significantly passion in running the apartment.