Tuesday, April 14, 2015


It has been about 2 weeks I in Indonesia, I have many friends with many Indonesian people. there is an interesting habit that I noticed on one of my female friends are native Indonesian people. This woman looks very pretty in my opinion, curly black hair with white skin healthy with a proportional body. For a week I run a variety of activities together with her so I know a little more about the habits which she did. for a week I noticed she always drank a supplement routine ahead of her. I tried to ask her about it, and it turns out that the drink is  GLUCOLA supplements.

What is it and who is it Glucola MCI MCI Glucola? And if you are curious about the benefits of following MCI Glucola of natural remedies expert expert healthy and look beautiful white and healthy long-term benefit is that the combination of glucola gluthation prescussor and collagen latest products from PT.MCI extraordinary usefulness .It has a permit from the DHO INDONESIA No.21360303309 and has picked up an official letter from the MUI HALAL INDONESIA glucola benefit is the secret to healthy skin, natural white on the inside, naturally beautiful and youthful, glucola is (japan glutathione precusors in excelent combination whit collagen + strowberry + vitamins + ALA) has been very gluthation known as the king of all antioxidant (the kings of antioxidant) which is often used for the treatment of patients in general, which is in use by physicians internationally renowned experts of this product is very safe and there is no dependency or effect which is called opium.
Glucola useful for the improvement of the existing range of products. Wherever now present Gluthatione precussor + collagen + strawberry that provide maximum benefits and effective results faster than previous products. Glucola milk useful for product improvement products terdahulu.kini Wherever present Gluthatione precussor + collagen + strawberry that provide maximum benefits and effective results faster than previous products.

Glucola MCI

BENEFITS GLUCOLA MCI (Gluthatione + Collagen).

  1. whiten the skin from the inside with a natural and permanent way
  2.  keep the skin more supple, elastic and toned
  3. reduce the pockmarks on broken skin
  4.  flatten evenly skin initially white striped
  5. restore the skin and detoxifies the skin after exposure to creams containing mercury
  6.  remove the black spots or acne scars due to sunlight, use kb and terms of increasing the age factor
  7. The skin will feel radiant, fresh, bright, and look younger
  8.  reduce skin redness caused by inflammation or skin sensitiv
  9. lowering the dark melanin pigments in the skin
  10. reduces lines and wrinkles small
  11. whiten black part on the elbows, armpits, thighs, knees and other body parts
  12.  prevent an accelerating the healing process of acne acne on the body

And benefits Glucola MCI also good for health

1. the relief of pain in the bones
2. cure headache, migraine, hinga vertiligo
3. reduce hair loss
4. remove toxic substances in the body
5. strengthen bones joints
6. prevent cancer
7. helps healing cholesteryl, asthma, sinusitis, tuberculosis
8. prevent various diseases caused by free radicals
9. strengthen joints
10. of course stamina

With the composition of fruits extract, powder Gluthatione, busy with their fish collagen ekstak fruits taste so fresh and sweet very fit all. so for those of you who do not like to drink bitter medicine, the contents of which are not necessarily good and safe for the skin and body. Glucola could be a solution for maintaining health and beauty care from within